Leftover pie and ice cream for breakfast on the day after your birthday is one of life’s little privileges

I snuck in an unplanned bike trip today when Raquel called and let me know that she had accidentally locked her keys in the trunk of the car.

Temperatures in the teens to start the long weekend!?! The best season of the year has arrived!

Today’s Thoughts of Dog feels like it is perfectly channeling Luna.

Watching the last race before the summer break from the hammock

Luna appreciates this strategy because I play fetch with her while watching the race.

Raquel isn’t home this morning which means the pups are snoozing on their beds in my office.

Sometimes the pups leave no space for a human to sit but look like this so you cannot consider disturbing them.

Hugo and Luna spooning on the couch

Finished rewatching Ted Lasso season one over lunch just in time for season two tomorrow.

That is the fifth time I have watched through season one. This show is unmatched.

This morning I had to take the hard step of saying goodbye to my longtime furry accomplice. His surgery a few months ago went well but there’s only so much you can do against cancer.

Birthday lunch for Grant with Colin. I made sure to mention that it was his birthday to our server and we discovered that he got a free piece of cheesecake!