Scaling Beyond Ourselves

Too often we think only of ourselves and our own experiences, which is reasonable given those are the only ones we have to go on.

With respect to Software I came across these two posts this weekend that do a great job of reminding you to take a moment and follow your assumptions to their logical conclusion beyond your gut feel.

So far this January has been a period of reduction

  • No regular YouTube shows
  • Stopped my Duo Lingo Spanish Streak
  • Less unhealthy food
  • No beer at home

As a result I feel like there is more space and time for me to enjoy everything else more.

It’s been a slow week here, finally having something resembling a normal routine setting in post New Years

I worked from home for a bit yesterday. Hercules was not a fan of my self imposed office exile.

2019 brought a new job which required more air travel than any job I’ve had.

At more than one equivalent trip around the world it might have been a bit much. 🤣

Started Sunday by enjoying the freshly fallen snow.

Hercules really knows how to embrace the lazy afternoon snuggle

It is important to look out for your brother’s hygiene.

Picked up a case of beer tonight that was branded for “Hockey Parents”. I was not disappointed by the branded Puck inside.

It’s important to know what supporting roles are required for Christmas dinner prep

Caught up on my LEGO advent calendar just in the nick of time!

Last night was the first lazy night of the holiday season and both dogs appreciates the company and change of pace

The party featured an ugly sweater cookie decorating station and I produced an homage to my alma mater for Grant who works there now.

Christmas party tonight with friends, hosted by the Glitter Moose

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2019 is one that I can get behind. The singular they.

This racing documentary piece is a fun diversion.

Alright Apple. You know me. This checks out.

Woke up to lovely fresh snowfall

Out for another craft draught downtown and took the requisite #selfiewithoutgrant

CARROT Weather telling a joke

CARROT Weather is a constant source of whimsy in my life.

Playing croquet with my friends has been a long standing tradition. We play in all seasons and terrains, forging better friendships. This morning I learned of the dark and troubled past of croquet

Train travel is probably the public service I am most jealous of when I am in Europe. I have always known that we are behind in North America, but I didn’t know that instead of advancing we have regressed.

The recent surge of accountability for words and actions that is sweeping across the coaching landscape of the NHL is a breath of fresh air.

Every coaching clinic I have attended has made clear that we must acknowledge the position of power coaching empowers and be not to abuse it.

Unfortunately too often this principle has not been enforced so this is a welcome change.

One of my favourite parts of using over the last few months has been my On This Day page. It is a satisfying nostalgia trip and maintenance tool.

When I started using I had stopped using Instagram and Twitter to post and imported both archives. I am slowly cleaning up Twitter URLs and images on old posts as I see them as surfaced by the On This Day reflection.

It’s a sunny, lazy Sunday morning here.