Fiona rolled through and took out power for most of the province. Estimated restoration time is Wednesday afternoon so I had to improvise this morning

Camp stove setup on the deck with a kettle boiling and a frying pan full of bacon
Storm kitchen setup
Given that is the first suggested Ad on the App Store search page either they aren’t hit by this recent down turn OR they are doubling down on acquiring new people to inject liquidity into the scam.

I’m always on the lookout for fast estimation tools and this is a real gem of one

To help Luna with the transition to having a baby in the house we got her a special bed.

At night we pile up the dog beds on the couch so the Roomba can clean. First thing this morning she still sought it out.

As the week has gone on and more places have written about Sony buying “Halo Developer” Bungie I continue to remember great Bungie games like Oni.

The style of combat in this game was like nothing else. I loved this on the Mac and the PlayStation 2

Hopefully Sony finds the IP and considers bringing this and/or Myth back