Now that the play in round is finished and the first round starts tonight I have filled out the annual playoff bracket.

I have once again fallen for my personal biases and picked the Golden Knights as the champs.

2020 NHL Playoff Bracket with Vegas winning the Cup

It’s been two years since I had gotten out for a ride. Thankfully a former coworker asked me to go for a ride and coffee at The Bike & Bean Cafe.

Tommorow morning should be an interesting game of “what hurts and how”

These two know how to absolutely melt my heart.

Tonight Tak took a moment to enjoy the dog bed in the sun.

Hugo has taken it upon himself to supervise all meal prep

Hiked Up Middle Head today and got a good look at Cape Smokey and a rain shower in the distance.

Luna and I are kicking off our little Cape Breton vacation by laying in the sun

When I went to make lunch I discovered Luna had build herself a nest on the couch.

This screen is a sight for sports weary eyes.

It’s a big day! Late July is usually a dark time for hockey and I’m more than a bit excited that the NHL has managed to demonstrate some competence in their return to play.

As is tradition when out with Colin and Ross we take a group selfie. #selfieswithoutgrant

IMG 4944

Craft Draught Showdown – July 2020

For the first time since the beginning of March I went out to dinner last night. One of my favourite restaurants in Halifax, The Carleton, started hosting Craft Draught Showdowns last year. They let their Chef go wild creating a five course meal and have two local breweries compete bringing five beers to pair with each course. It is a fun time with friends and really interesting to hear from the different brew masters about their process of brewing the beers and how they choose the pairings.

Unfortunately COVID wiped out a lot of these events over the last few months, but it was great to see how they put together the event as safely as possible. There were only 1/3 of the normal number of tables, all the staff wore masks at all times, and many patrons were also masked anytime they were up from their tables. The Chef talked about how they designed the menu to source as many of the ingredients from local farms and vendors as a way to help out the community.

In a lot of ways it was super strange being back out in public, but overall it was a lot of fun.

Menu for the 5 course meal including the beer pairings

Beet Carpaccio

Brightwood: Backyards Propeller: ESB

Round 1 Beers

Round 1

Scallop Crudo

Brightwood: Mojito Crushable Propeller: Lotus

Round 2 Beers

Round 2

Canestri au Chardonnay

Brightwood: Minutes Propeller: Spooky Round 3 Beers

Round 3

Chicken Piccata

Brightwood: BMAC Propeller: DDH IPA

Round 4 Beers

Round 4

Lemon Posset

Brightwood: Made Me Blush Propeller: Dark Berry

Round 5 Beers

Round 5

Happy Pi Approximation Day!

As a Canadian and former math teacher today satisfies my desire for proper date standards and fractional approximation.

Pi Approximation Day is observed on July 22 (22/7 in the day/month format), since the fraction 22/7 is a common approximation of π, which is accurate to two decimal places and dates from Archimedes.

This week marks 3 months at 1Password and last night I received a “swag” package. They definitely went all out.

I am not usually keen on Buzzfeed quizzes, but this one gave me some good chuckles this morning.

Answer Some Questions About Git And We’ll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

Elsa with the description

Luna played herself out and has moved into the “Treasure hoarding” phase of Saturday

Lazy Saturday vibes.

Apparently their lunch hour walk left the dogs tired enough that a bed no longer matters.

Hugo and Luna are too tired to make it to the bed

Luna and Hugo have very different “morning nap” styles.

Evidence of a successful trip was found on the drive home

Went to Keji for the afternoon. Took the dogs for a hike and a swim.

Everyone had a wonderful time except for Hugo when he had to cross the Mersey on a floating bridge.

On Wednesday we took Luna to the ocean for the first time. She was skeptical of the waves and their ability to appear as if from no where, but quickly gave it to having fun with Hugo

CARROT Weather really knows how to focus on the important events of July 4

Started the day with a 5km walk and then the dogs had some quite time after their breakfast. When Luna came out she wasted no time expressing that she missed me, regardless of what I might have been doing.