Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are the face of Silicon Valley’s hubris.

Poorly addressing problems that don’t really exist and crushing the environment to do so. All in the name of generating value for the early adopters, yet another form of gate keeping in tech.

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The evolution of an afternoon nap in the sun. ☀️🐕

In a house full of dog toys these two will always fixate on the same one, can’t risk missing out.

Hugo’s super power is the ability to make sure there is a pillow in the right spot for his sun snoozes

Today Luna made a show of the fact that she has no patience for the cat.

Took the dogs to Peggy’s Cove to appreciate the sun shine. They collapsed immediately when we got home.

“Really? Another photo??”

This morning was very sleepy as the pups tolerated us being on work calls.

Today is a big deal according to my watch. Not a bad motivator to start my day.

A little saturday sun.

To soften the winter boot experience we got the dogs a new toy at the same time.

So far Luna has kept it with her without chewing it or squeaking it. Her one job seems to be “don’t let Hugo destroy it”.

Tonight’s experiment was some little booties to protect their feet from the sidewalk salt.

We had a 6/8 success rate over a 1.3km loop. Only Luna’s hind legs managed to escape their shackles.

Hugo wants everyone to remember that Monday’s can be for lazy vibes.

Sun is shining on the fresh snowfall

This calendar just keeps delivering!

This is an art Luna has perfected.

Historically Hugo solved the basket problem by destroying the basket and leaving the toys where the basket once was.

Saturday morning vibes

Thoughts of Dog really understands how I think.

It’s a good thing that I have a fallback dog because this one has the yips.

The sun spot trapped two dogs at once

There’s a very real chance that I’m going to want to post every single day of this calendar.

Today I opened my first page a day calendar in over a decade. It immediately delivered on “big feels” in a great way.

Last night we started building The Happy Isles puzzle.

We made good progress but Raquel is very impatient to find out what the “reveal” is and did not like my suggestion that we pick away at the puzzle over the next few days.

They do make using a computer challenging, but I won’t trade the snuggles for anything.

Today, the 306th day of March 2020, we celebrate the end of this tire fire of a year.

A fire swing on fire