Yesterday I spent a few hours fighting with a clever idea I had to make testing a network routing change easier. While chatting with a coworker about it he replied

I think a good rule of thumb whenever you think you have a good idea is to remind yourself it probably isn’t and move on to something else

It cracked me up and perfectly broke my frustration

In light of my previous post this was the scene I found when I went to make a cup of coffee.

Hercules protecting his sleeping brother.

Attentive Hercules next to sleeping Hugo

One of the highlights of the mornings when I work from home is getting to observe how little the dogs trust the Roomba.

They don’t show any aggression towards it, just a lot of sidelong glances and immediately leave any room the robot enters.

Today’s random memory was of the time I found a dead bee in my office and then mailed it across the country to an entomologist friend.

A bee expressing its feelings about being found in my officeA bee carefully laid in a pill bottle coffin

Disney+ has been a pretty big hit in my home so far. Most of Sunday afternoon was spent watching a mix of new and old content.

That said, I am unreasonably excited and nostalgic about getting to watch the Rocketeer Rocketeer

A week of travel for work does wonders for disrupting bad habits in a routine.

Not hitting snooze this morning allowed me to enjoy a much more leisurely pace getting ready.

Post travel cuddles are a great way to spend a Sunday.

Visited my nieces for a birthday party. The amount of volume that a herd of 8 year olds can produce is astounding!

Bags are packed and I’m on my way back home.

Last night Herc successfully finished his confidence class.

I got this photo last night of a very sad boy watching the door, presumably wondering why I haven’t come home yet.

Hercules looking like a sad boy

Sportsnet actually fired him. I really didn’t expect them to do anything other than mumble some apologies and continue looking the other way.

On the other hand, the amount of negative pushback in social media over the firing reveals just how far hockey culture still has to go.

The first nights sleep after a red eye flight might be the most refreshing type of sleep I ever get.

Checked into my hotel room to discover I have a napping bed above my sleeping bed.

It’s good that Sportsnet finally acknowledges that Cherry is a problem. That said I won’t believe them, or tune in to their broadcasts again, until they remove him from the air. This weekend was not new behaviour on his part.

My bags are packed for Madrid once again. Transatlantic travel is starting to feel routine.

Today was the first morning dog walk below freezing. Both dogs were a lot more excited by the light snowfall than I was.

Went to the symphony last night and got to experience the amazing We’re Not Done Drumming by Rebecca Thomas and Laura Sgroi, accompanied by Symphony NS.

My mother stopped by to transition our planters from summer to winter today.

My next dog definitely needs to be a dingo delivered by a bird of prey.

Walked the dogs through the fog bank this morning.

Dealing with the time change always feels like an unnecessary hassle and I am mostly on board with removing it completely.

That said it was super nice this morning to walk the dogs in the light after doing it in the dark for the last week or so.

It was a bit cold for a bon fire last night so we just had to make it bigger than usual.

Today started with puppy cuddles and now there’s afternoon hockey! Go Pens 🐧 🏒!

The Storm Never Stops the Sun

The first of November has become a day of reflection and tradition over the past 7 years since losing my father. For the first time in seven years it occurred to me that there is something poetic to this anniversary falling on All Saints Day, a day reserved specifically for reflecting on the people we have lost.

The tradition I observe on this day is a reflection of the fact that whenever Dad was in town he would take me somewhere to have brunch and catch up. These conversations covered every thing and any thing that caught our attention, sometimes they were deep life altering chats, and others we would catch up on Television shows and sports. This morning I took some time mid morning to go to a nearby diner and enjoy a few mugs of diner coffee and an obscene arrangement of bacon, eggs, home fries, and hollandaise sauce.

As I sat down to write this post today I took a moment to look through my On This Day page to remember my past reflections and remembrances. This year I was immediately struck by a post I made first thing in the morning on 1 November 2012

the storm never stops the sun

I wrote these words just a few hours before I would lose my father and in all the ensuing chaos and change I completely forgot about them.

Losing Dad isn’t something that has gotten easier or faded, but these six words are an amazing summary of how the last seven years.