This Christmas Eve is a bit different. We welcomed Guinevere to the world at 11pm last night. No tree or lights in IWK for us but I am happily trading it for these snuggles.

Baby Gwen snuggled into my chest for our afternoon nap.

Got the tree up and decorated before the tiny human arrives! This year featuring a pair of lovely new ornaments 🐶🐾

Notification from Twitter that today is my 14th anniversary on the platform

In many ways social media still feels very new and I remember interacting with Twitter via SMS on my flip phone. Then notifications like this shock me back into reality.

For the first time since Covid disrupted the world Steve Poltz made it back to Halifax on Thursday and really put on a show!

It took slightly over one day for Luna to steal Raquel’s pregnancy pillow

That moment when you realize that the developers on the NHL app never expected a team to have a points percentage of less than 10% and sanitized the leading 0

I’m sure the Yotes would appreciate a .620 points percentage 🤣

This is easily my favourite take on the Facebook rebrand 🤣

To celebrate Hugo turning 7 we took them both to Pet Valu where they got lots of love and attention from the staff. We came home with birthday dessert!

Hugo and Luna have embraced the second intermission as an opportunity to snuggle each other instead of me.

Hugo has big dreams of what a lazy Saturday should be like and he has had quite enough of the sun.

Raquel is 32 weeks today and we went to an ultrasound to figure out if the kid is going to be a giant baby like their father. They did their best to dodge the camera but were happy to show us their foot.

I was looking at my activity progress today and happened to notice that today is going to be a “big” day

Woke up to a cloudy rainbow sunrise this morning. 🌈🌅

Yesterday while I was working Hugo decided he would attempt to achieve maximum comfort.

1Password launched a Linux app for the first time earlier this year and to celebrate that everyone in the company got a mug! (And it includes a cheeky easter egg on the bottom)