Spectacle 📷

Today’s spectacle is napping on the couch

Progress 📷

Hugo has moved off his bed to follow the sun as it progresses across the afternoon sky

Scale 📷

More desk photography today. Everyone has a scale model Batmobile on their desk. Right?

Space 📷

A little literal today 🤣

Oppose 📷

Normally I oppose birthday celebrations but today is Raquel’s birthday so I’ll happily celebrate her.

Cool 📷

Hugo really knows how to communicate a “cool vibe”

Rest 📷

Balance 📷

Today was the annual Acadia Robot Programming competition that I Referee. I arrived to find someone thoughtfully labelled my “standing chair” where I survey the competition.

Warmth 📷

Today the temperature dropped by almost 20 degrees. That calls for evening coffee ☕️

Rise 📷

It’s been 18 months since I worked downtown and I still miss the view of the sunrise from my desk. Home and work both face the west now

Today we said goodbye to Hercules.

It was way sooner than I ever could have imagined but it became clear that no amount of love from us was going to be able to overcome his years of Trauma.

The wonderful boy is finally at peace.

Attachment 📷

It’s been a bittersweet week but here is Hercules, embodying physical and emotional attachment.

Plain 📷

Normally I am a sticker person and cover my laptops completely but I’m almost a year into using this one in its plain, vanilla configuration

Sign 📷

Friends applied this sign to me as a personal slogan. It’s also the origin of this blog’s name.

Lull 📷

Post breakfast lull and Hugo is making new friends.

Contrast 📷

Today we went on a 300km road trip. Hugo slept the whole time, Hercules never stopped being excited.

Above 📷 That moment when you realize it is time to start the work of the day.

Plant 📷

One of my favourite parts of having planters on the patio in the winter is the small visitors we get after fresh snowfalls.

Hide 📷

On occasion Hugo will try to hide in plain sight, trying to blend in with the local fashion trends.

Hugo wearing a toque

Spot 📷

This chest of drawers is on its way out of the house and in the dining room, but Tak is never one to pass up on trying out a new spot.

Reflect 📷

When you get stuck on a hard problem it is important to have a place like the “hammock district” at work to go and reflect on the issue.

Sight 📷

This morning’s first sight is sun beams glistening on the fresh snow

Watched the series finale of the Good Place with Raquel last night. What an absolutely perfect ending to a great show.

Saturday mornings are for cuddles

Open 📷

Living in a city makes it hard to find open nature spaces. I’m super thankful to live next to a provincial park.