We concluded the weekend by getting birthday treats for Hugo and Hercules.

Birthday week for the puppers continues in our house. Today Hugo turns 5! 🐕🎂🥳

Hugo looking calmly at Hercules Hugo sunbathing Baby Hugo

Hercules only joined our family on June 1st but today is his fourth birthday and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this guy!

Hercules resting his chin on my leg in anticipation Hercules next to Hugo sleeping Greyscale headshot of Hercules Happy Hercules with his tongue out

Making the most of the fall days by BBQing at sunset

Spent the week in Madrid for work but didn’t get much time for sightseeing.

Only had time to go inspect the nearby spring store.

Part three of baking weekend, banana chocolate chip muffins

Day two of weekend baking. Biscuits for dinner.

More weekend baking 🍪

This is a fascinating and wonderful community project.

The Care and Feeding of the Uffington White Horse Through More Than 100 Generations

Another donation completed. Time for a victory snack.

A big trip to the vet deserves a fancy treat.

Post hurricane Dorian power outage brings new meanings today to enjoying my morning coffee on the patio.

Does your computer have a disc hole?

– Raquel, trying to figure out how to entertain herself during Hurricane Dorian

Tried my hand at baking some biscuits tonight. The process earned me an audience.

Broke out the running gear for the first time with Herc yesterday. Herc’s enthusiasm makes for a much better running companion than Hugo’s desire to sunbath

What a lovely face to come home to

Some weekend playtime captured by @grantisagrant


After travelling for work and vacation for most of the month it is very nice to be home with these two.


A book, a coffee, and a rural Saturday morning.

Played Tourist all weekend in Madrid.


Good morning Madrid 🇪🇸

Thanks to @grantisagrant for visiting and taking some wonderful photos the dogs yesterday.


Sunny Sunday Siestas

Yesterday marked the completion of the first year of marriage for Raquel and I. To celebrate we spent the day on the South Shore in shops, at a Vineyard, and seeing a performance of Pirates of Penzance.


Enjoying the Staffroom Stout in Lunenburg on a patio as the weather alternates between Sun and Rain every 10 minutes or so.