Luna played herself out and has moved into the “Treasure hoarding” phase of Saturday

Lazy Saturday vibes.

Apparently their lunch hour walk left the dogs tired enough that a bed no longer matters.

Hugo and Luna are too tired to make it to the bed

Luna and Hugo have very different “morning nap” styles.

Evidence of a successful trip was found on the drive home

Went to Keji for the afternoon. Took the dogs for a hike and a swim.

Everyone had a wonderful time except for Hugo when he had to cross the Mersey on a floating bridge.

On Wednesday we took Luna to the ocean for the first time. She was skeptical of the waves and their ability to appear as if from no where, but quickly gave it to having fun with Hugo

CARROT Weather really knows how to focus on the important events of July 4

Started the day with a 5km walk and then the dogs had some quite time after their breakfast. When Luna came out she wasted no time expressing that she missed me, regardless of what I might have been doing.

Post breakfast Luna has settled in to wait while her people attend to their computers for a work day.

I was inspired by @grantisagrant taking photos of our dogs yesterday to get out my own DSLR and take some shots of Hugo and Luna.

Our morning walk turned out to be bit rainier than I expected and Luna needed a little help warming up.

It’s always a challenge to get motivated on a Thursday

I changed jobs a little over a month ago and yesterday I received a belated welcome pack!

This is your Nova Scotian reminder that militarization of Police is not just a US problem.

Last year Halifax Police slipped an “Armoured Rescue Vehicle” into the budget at the last minute but when pressed couldn’t publicly provide any examples of when they would need it.


Thankfully on days like today I have furry friends to pick me up.

It is a deeply unsettling feeling watching the news and knowing too many Canadian’s who think this is a US problem only.

Hugo really knows how to be comfortable and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks

It is a silly thing, but I was really excited to see this award pop up on my watch tonight.

Today over lunch Luna learned about bubbles

I am not a big proponent of rituals for sake of tradition, but I am very on board with how these priests are approaching things.

In honour of @grantisagrant, three years ago today Chris Kunitz broke the Ottawa Senators franchise.

Kunitz scores double overtime goal

This is a perfect mix of cute and clever for Monday morning amusement.