Hugo really knows how to be comfortable and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks

It is a silly thing, but I was really excited to see this award pop up on my watch tonight.

Today over lunch Luna learned about bubbles

I am not a big proponent of rituals for sake of tradition, but I am very on board with how these priests are approaching things.

In honour of @grantisagrant, three years ago today Chris Kunitz broke the Ottawa Senators franchise.

Kunitz scores double overtime goal

This is a perfect mix of cute and clever for Monday morning amusement.

Hugo pretends like he doesn’t care that Luna is in his bed, but the moment Luna drops her guard he moves in.

Happy Towel Day you Hoopy Froods!

The pups very much know how to take advantage of a nice day.

Today I upgraded our home coffee setup to reflect working from home.

Now we can have on demand coffee that is still hot without having to brew more constantly!

This morning Luna gently took a bone from Hugo while he was in his bed and ran off. To keep the peace I gave Hugo a second bone but it was not enough so he went off to find the first one.

Five minutes later Luna has both bones and the bed.

I can honestly say that I did not expect to spend my evening watching someone solve a sudoku puzzle.

Even more shocking is that I feel the need to share the joy of this with others!

It’s nice to see the western world on the same page, but this also feels profoundly unsettling at the same time.

An Afternoon of Snake-charming

This past week marked two months of working from home full time so I made the choice to improve my workspace by replacing the desk I have been using since grad school.

A decade ago I felt like a black metal desk with a glass surface was super cool and the sort of thing that a computer programmer definitely should have.

Glass desk with cables everywhere

Unfortunately, the side effect of a glass desk is that no amount of effort put into running cables will actually hide the mess. You see it every time you look down.

A rat's nest of wires

Today I assembled my new desk from IKEA, just something small but with a lot of storage and cable management potential.

White IKEA desk with many fewer wires.

No more mess of wires visible all the time and as an added bonus all the hardware that used to be visible all the time is now neatly sorted into some storage.

Open door showing neatly sorted shelves.

Spending more than an hour running cables can seem silly, but it felt good to organize my long term work space.

Two pups wondering when I’m going to put the computer away and take them outside for a walk.

Working from the couch this afternoon and Luna is alert and keeping guard.

Lunch hour dog pile.

Sunday afternoon treats!

For today’s adventure I donated blood wearing my TNG mask (compliments of @grantisagrant)

I had no idea how many nurses were that invested in Star Trek, almost all the employees asked what I thought of Picard.

I looked up from making coffee to see why the noise of the dogs playing had stopped.

It rarely makes sense, but Hugo knows how maximize his comfort level

I brought a waiting buddy to pickup groceries.

Post supper sun nap.

I primarily post dog photos these days, but today is Tak’s 13th birthday and he is still “top dog”.

A 24 hour update on my homework experiment with using Cloudflare for my domain.

Most of the traffic is to my site and the photo posts I made last night.

The 93% cache rate is awesome and the Cloudflare speed tool is reporting a 30% reduction in page load time!