This morning “Sharing is caring”.

Mostly this involves a whole lot of FOMO and swapping bones every 45 seconds.

I did the weekly grocery pickup today and this week we got all but one thing on the list.

I am unreasonably disappointed that the one thing we didn’t get was the quarantine package of Pizza Pockets I put in the order 🍕

I got an Apple Watch shortly after it was released in 2015, to replace my FitBit.

Inspired by _DavidSmith (And thanks to his shared source code) I set out to see how much I have worn my watch.

Turns out I have worn my Apple Watch 80.5% of the time.

Lazy Saturday vibes.

I cannot adequately describe how excited I am for this new episode

Family cuddle time tonight.

The last 36 hours have been dark here in Nova Scotia but it is hard to feel too down when Luna lays her head in your lap like this.

Luna and Hugo are determined to completely overwhelm us with cuteness.

I have heard the term “dog pile” my entire life. I had no idea how adorable it could be in practice though!

Sunday morning routines. ☕️

Luna is very appreciative that the work week has ended and I can focus on her.

Took delivery of several litres of beer from a local brewer today. Looking forward to digging into my growler of “Tom Waits for No One” stout. 🍻

More baking tonight. Another round of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ready for the cookie jar!

It’s only been a fortnight since she joined us, but according to her paperwork today is Luna’s second birthday! 🎂🐕

Ten years ago I deemed it crucial to have a crib board and a deck of cards in my car at all times.

Tonight Raquel asked me to teach her cribbage and I discovered that we don’t have any cards so I had to raid the dash of my car.

Thanks to @grantisagrant for taking this photo of Luna while she guarded the parcel I delivered to his doorstep today.

Today Luna didn’t come to help with work. She just wanted me to know she misses me and wanted some cuddles.

“Helping” with work this morning.

With Luna in the house now chew toys are contested resources so Hugo has taken to sleeping with one this morning.

Tried something new tonight and made some hamburgers from scratch. Turned out pretty well!

This week I finally got around to checking out this collection of upscaled macOS wallpapers and using the Tiger wallpaper on my computer for some nostalgia.

Last night I set it on my iPad as well and it is deeply satisfying.

Just finished up a little pre bedtime baking! Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Some bright news in this strange time.

This week we welcomed Luna into our home and as of today we have adopted her!

She and Hugo play until they both pass out asleep, and the cat would like to launch her into the sun (but that feels about normal).

Time flies when you are having fun!

This quarantine period has really demonstrated this proverb in a strange way since it feels like it has been 9 years since the beginning of March.

On a more fun note, 9 actual years ago today my friends and I performed this sketch in Wolfville.

I went to store my muffins in a container and discovered that we have managed to fill all of our storage containers with leftovers.

I had to turn to the cookie jar