CARROT Weather telling a joke

CARROT Weather is a constant source of whimsy in my life.

Playing croquet with my friends has been a long standing tradition. We play in all seasons and terrains, forging better friendships. This morning I learned of the dark and troubled past of croquet

Train travel is probably the public service I am most jealous of when I am in Europe. I have always known that we are behind in North America, but I didn’t know that instead of advancing we have regressed.

The recent surge of accountability for words and actions that is sweeping across the coaching landscape of the NHL is a breath of fresh air.

Every coaching clinic I have attended has made clear that we must acknowledge the position of power coaching empowers and be not to abuse it.

Unfortunately too often this principle has not been enforced so this is a welcome change.

One of my favourite parts of using over the last few months has been my On This Day page. It is a satisfying nostalgia trip and maintenance tool.

When I started using I had stopped using Instagram and Twitter to post and imported both archives. I am slowly cleaning up Twitter URLs and images on old posts as I see them as surfaced by the On This Day reflection.

It’s a sunny, lazy Sunday morning here.

Put up and decorated the tree today.

My plan for 2019 was to get back to writing, I have a few drafts of longer posts that I started, but it took until November for me to find a posting groove!

Thanks to microblogvember!

Yesterday was the first snow fall of the winter in Halifax and it brought the city to a complete standstill.

My 6km commute took 3 hours 😕

Got lucky this morning and managed to walk the dogs between rain drops.

This week I treated myself to a purchase of a 1974 Porsche 911

Pre work coffee and snuggles

My first thought this morning upon stepping out of the shower was “I sure am ready for the weekend”.

My second thought was “It is only Tuesday…”

One month until Christmas!

Sometimes it is important to go back to the classic “selfies with Grant”

Today is going to be spent driving a few hundred kilometres on the highway 🚙

I don’t normally look forward to long drives, but this is in service of visiting family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while

Yesterday I spent a few hours fighting with a clever idea I had to make testing a network routing change easier. While chatting with a coworker about it he replied

I think a good rule of thumb whenever you think you have a good idea is to remind yourself it probably isn’t and move on to something else

It cracked me up and perfectly broke my frustration

In light of my previous post this was the scene I found when I went to make a cup of coffee.

Hercules protecting his sleeping brother.

Attentive Hercules next to sleeping Hugo

One of the highlights of the mornings when I work from home is getting to observe how little the dogs trust the Roomba.

They don’t show any aggression towards it, just a lot of sidelong glances and immediately leave any room the robot enters.

Today’s random memory was of the time I found a dead bee in my office and then mailed it across the country to an entomologist friend.

A bee expressing its feelings about being found in my officeA bee carefully laid in a pill bottle coffin

Disney+ has been a pretty big hit in my home so far. Most of Sunday afternoon was spent watching a mix of new and old content.

That said, I am unreasonably excited and nostalgic about getting to watch the Rocketeer Rocketeer

A week of travel for work does wonders for disrupting bad habits in a routine.

Not hitting snooze this morning allowed me to enjoy a much more leisurely pace getting ready.

Post travel cuddles are a great way to spend a Sunday.

Visited my nieces for a birthday party. The amount of volume that a herd of 8 year olds can produce is astounding!

Bags are packed and I’m on my way back home.