I still need to dig in to the details more but the Apple M1 announcement and the updated Mac Mini definitely seems like a candidate to replace my elderly 2012 Mac Mini as a home server at some point in the future

Some days I feel like I have to force a post to fit with #mbnov. Thankfully today’s word made that easier!

Here’s Luna following a sunspot.

Watching Jurrasic Park III and wondering how quickly the plot puts the characters in a bind.

It feels like it was made explicitly for riff tracks.

Took advantage of the summer like weather this afternoon to appreciate the woods with Hugo and Luna

I feel like I need to inflate a rooms worth of balloons just so I can celebrate the election finally being called by jumping around and popping them.

It is a puzzling feeling to not be rooting against Philly for once.

The sooner this election is over and the NHL returns, the sooner balance will be restored 🏒🐧

My blog is 90% dog photos and I am not ashamed of stooping to this level for internet attention

Luna is nearing her mid day nap

The snow was a surprise but it made for a beautiful sunset

One of the major perks of working from home full time is that I don’t have to deal with the chaos that is Halifax drivers having completely forgotten how to drive in the snow.

However I hadn’t anticipated the negative impact it might have on beer deliveries! 🍻

I definitely didn’t have first snow fall on my bingo card for today

I am always astonished by how applying some artificial constraints to my regular work routine always leads to a surge in creativity. I am feeling pretty jazzed about work potential today.

There is something about zoom meetings that really kills my ability to concentrate. The meeting itself will be very productive but when I hang up my brain is absolute mush.

Took Luna on a little shopping trip yesterday to help prepare her Texan spirit for our dreary maritime winters.

Bonus birthday photos of Hugo as a puppy

Happy Birthday Hugo!

Today Hugo turns 6 and he has earned his nap times.

Every other photo of him on my photo for the last few weeks feature Luna climbing on him in some capacity or another.

A couple of sun dogs on a Sunday

Over the last five and a half years of wearing an Apple Watch I have developed a bit of a watch strap “problem”. It appears that at some point I got a breeding pair.

Thankfully I have a friend with a 3D printer to help solve my storage problem.

Craft Draught Showdown – October 2020

Last night @crobaricus and I went out to The Carleton for another of their Craft Draught Showdowns. This time featuring New Scotland Brewing and Spindrift Brewing Co.

The Menu

Menu for the 5 course meal including the beer pairings


Round 1 Beers

Round 1


Round 2 Beers

Round 2

Barley Risotto

Round 3 Beers

Round 3

Braised Chuck Roast

Round 4 Beers

Round 4

Dulce de Leche Tart

Blurry Round 5 Beers

Round 5

Homemade peanut butter ice cream as an evening snack!

Halifax, Nova Scotia 20:45 ADT


Tonight is the first time since March that I get to play hockey.

My skates aren’t sharpened and this is the longest one been off the ice in 15 years.

At least I have freshly taped sticks. Looking good is 90% of being good… right?

Luna and Hugo hit peak “lazy Saturday vibes” this past weekend.

Luna is taking her Hurricane Teddy prep seriously.

I’m not even sure how she got under a blanket.

Luna and I left Hugo home this afternoon and went and explored a new trail around Long Lake