We launched a fun feature in partnership with @Fastmail today!

Also I will take any excuse to buy a new vanity domain 🤣

Fastmail Settings screen showing whowantstoknow.ca as my masked email domain
An example of generating a private whowantstoknow.ca email on a webpage

In some ways it seems like a small thing, but learning that my employer was making Juneteeth a global holiday felt important.

We want everyone at 1Password to have the opportunity to reflect and learn about racial inequality, so we’re making Juneteenth a paid holiday for our team of 400+ people, across the globe – our (virtual) offices will be closed on Friday, June 18, 2021. In an effort to educate and inspire action, we shared information on the history/heritage of the holiday and ways 1Password employees can make a difference in their communities.

1Password is making the Juneteeth pledge

I love the idea of describing what I do as “Sparkling DevOps”

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are the face of Silicon Valley’s hubris.
Poorly addressing problems that don’t really exist and crushing the environment to do so. All in the name of generating value for the early adopters, yet another form of gate keeping in tech.
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Today we had a symmetric gigabit internet connection installed giving us far more up speed at home.
Jumping from 10Mbps to 1Gbps is exciting because it means we don’t have to worry about Zoom bandwidth and as a bonus I can also reliably run my own VPN

I still need to dig in to the details more but the Apple M1 announcement and the updated Mac Mini definitely seems like a candidate to replace my elderly 2012 Mac Mini as a home server at some point in the future

I am always astonished by how applying some artificial constraints to my regular work routine always leads to a surge in creativity. I am feeling pretty jazzed about work potential today.