We launched a fun feature in partnership with @Fastmail today!

Also I will take any excuse to buy a new vanity domain 🤣

Fastmail Settings screen showing whowantstoknow.ca as my masked email domain
An example of generating a private whowantstoknow.ca email on a webpage

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  1. @rom I was going to use the Fastmail.com domain for anonymity, but then I realized I could go further and be silly while obfuscating my personal email.

    I’m helpless when it comes to resisting the purchase of silly domains.

  2. @thatguygriff Hahaha! Got one and attached it to my Apple custom domain, though. At least this one, I can share with family, although limited (3 aliases only for them). I use Simplelogin.io — if you can link with this (Son, the developer, is awesome!) like Fastmail, it will be great, too. 🙂 The more, the merrier (unless there is Fastmail exclusivity).

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