On Christmas Eve we had a little family outing to the rink and I got to take Gwen for a bit of a spin around in addition to playing some hockey with my cousin’s children.

Gwen in a red snowsuit sitting in her stroller while I am pushing her around the ice surface of Kentville arena while wearing a hockey helmet and holding a hockey stick in my other hand.

As far as Gwen is concerned this may as well be the Infinity Gauntlet with all of the Infinity Gems installed. The moment I fully assemble it she will stop whatever she is doing and come pull it apart and distribute the rings to all corners of the room to keep the house safe.

Fisher price Rock-a-Stack assembled properly sitting on the play mat

First televised Penguins 🐧 game was today so Raquel broke out the tiny jersey she got Gwen when she saw us watching the game.

James and Gwen sitting on the couch in matching black and gold Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys
Gwen and I watching the Penguins preseason game together
Gwen crawling around the floor with her tongue stuck out
Gwen realizing there are more interesting things than preseason hockey

Raquel is 32 weeks today and we went to an ultrasound to figure out if the kid is going to be a giant baby like their father. They did their best to dodge the camera but were happy to show us their foot.