I was craving some baked goods so I made a batch of soft pretzels for the first time in twenty years I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

A bakers dozen of soft pretzels on a cooling rack on top of the stove cooling in the sun.

Did my first Fitness+ rowing workout tonight. I loved the combo of technique coaching, physical motivation, and a touch of general life motivation.
It’s early but this feels like it may be a fixture for me.

It’s been two years since I had gotten out for a ride. Thankfully a former coworker asked me to go for a ride and coffee at The Bike & Bean Cafe.
Tommorow morning should be an interesting game of “what hurts and how”

Celebrated being back in NS by going for my first bike ride in 2 years 😮
Cycling selfie
I really could have done without the 83% humidity though 🔥
Workout statsHeartrate graph and route