8 September 2009

time traveling

So this past weekend I completed yet another lap around the sun and the above photo was the sweet gift I got from my brother. An original soundtrack for Back to the Future.

Despite being older I felt no different in any significant manner so I decided it is time for some change. Thus the new look of my blog, it is possible that you may be thinking “My his blog looks a lot like the blog of Sir Johnson Pennyworth or <insert other preposterously made up name here>!” This would be since I just picked a theme that came packaged with iWeb. No customizing for me, thats what I do at work not at home.

I often find that it is a fun exercise to think about what the future will think of our current culture. I think futurama always has done a good take on what people would think in a thousand years. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that they will think we are idiots and that we will tolerate anything. My basis for this is that while mattress shopping (Full sized bed, not air mattress or sleeping foam) I came across the following standard warnings:

  • Do not wash
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dryclean.

For a mattress!! Seriously though who has a washer or a dryer big enough to fit a double mattress? The thing that saddens me most is that someone must have tried to tumble dry a mattress and then claim their warranty…