Things that were important to me on this day in history

So last night I decided that sleep would be for suckers and stayed up the entire night, returning home at 7:30 am after playing and refereeing broomball all night in an all night tournament. Honestly it was a blast but by 6 am this morning things were moving at a much slower pace across the board. I recommend the experience for anyone though.

So now onto what one might refer to as the meat of this post. The other day I was killing some time reading a blog entry written by Dilbert Creator Scott Adams (Found Here) and it was good thought exercise I felt. For a long time I have spent time thinking about perception and what does it mean. Succinctly you could say that I stand firmly by the idea that perception is reality. When you take the time to recognize the ways in which you perceive the world around you I think that it opens up opportunities for a deeper understanding of who you are as a person and how you can have a greater impact on the world you are living in.

This is why I found Scott Adams’ blog entry about perception of how we came to be very interesting and I recommend reading it. I am not suggesting that this is the case but rather that when considering this perception it helps you to greater understand your own perception of the world you live in. The following is the opening to his entry.

Someday, when almost everyone is connected to almost everyone else via the Internet, I would argue that humans will have evolved into a single collective organism for all practical purposes. It would be much like the way individual cells of your body are united as one human. 

Sure, humans aren’t physically connected to each other, but neither are the atoms in your body if you shrink down to their level and take a look. You’d see more empty space in your body than matter. So proximity doesn’t seem to be relevant to the definition of a living entity. It has more to do with how the parts communicate and act in a generally shared purpose for survival. Thus, when humans are linked via a central nervous system called the Internet, we can call humanity a newly evolved creature.

Humanity will eventually develop the scientific wherewithal to create new worlds, create new life, and manipulate existing life. And humanity will be immortal for all practical purposes, as long as it diversifies its parts across multiple planets, which seems likely.

(Read more at Scott Adams Blog)