The 2021 NHL playoffs start today so I filled out the bracket challenge. Couldn’t help but hope for a 🌸 vs 🐧 matchup in the finals!
NHL Bracket challenge showing the Penguins, Hurricanes, Leafs, and Golden Knights advancing to the final four.Stanley Cup final bracket showing the Penguins defeating the Golden Knights in the final.

Every morning I get up early to spend some quality time with the cat for a bit. Then I retrieve the dogs and take them for a walk.
This is how I found the dogs this morning
Hugo and Luna laying on the bed. Luna is resting her head on Hugo's back.

Today Tak celebrated turning 14 by having his first surgery. He is now short one front tooth and had an approximately golf ball sized mass from his neck.
To protect his stitches he will be wearing his bespoke sock hat for the next couple of weeks.

I thought briefly about having ambitious afternoon plans…
Then Luna snuggled in on the couch with me so it’s nap time.