Today Hugo turns 6 and he has earned his nap times.
Every other photo of him on my photo for the last few weeks feature Luna climbing on him in some capacity or another.

Over the last five and a half years of wearing an Apple Watch I have developed a bit of a watch strap “problem”. It appears that at some point I got a breeding pair.
Thankfully I have a friend with a 3D printer to help solve my storage problem.

Last night @crobaricus and I went out to The Carleton for another of their Craft Draught Showdowns. This time featuring New Scotland Brewing and Spindrift Brewing Co.

The Menu

Menu for the 5 course meal including the beer pairings



Barley Risotto

Braised Chuck Roast

Dulce de Leche Tart

Tonight is the first time since March that I get to play hockey.
My skates aren’t sharpened and this is the longest one been off the ice in 15 years.
At least I have freshly taped sticks. Looking good is 90% of being good… right?