Spent some time today retrieving old twitpic photos that I thought were lost from the way back machine. It was a fun trip down memory lane to recreate those memories from 2009-2010 on this blog.

Hurdle 📷
Today’s big hurdle was trying to resist eating ice cream after eating healthy all day. As they say though, “Resistance is futile”

Oppose 📷
Normally I oppose birthday celebrations but today is Raquel’s birthday so I’ll happily celebrate her.

Balance 📷
Today was the annual Acadia Robot Programming competition that I Referee. I arrived to find someone thoughtfully labelled my “standing chair” where I survey the competition.

Rise 📷
It’s been 18 months since I worked downtown and I still miss the view of the sunrise from my desk. Home and work both face the west now

Today we said goodbye to Hercules.
It was way sooner than I ever could have imagined but it became clear that no amount of love from us was going to be able to overcome his years of Trauma.
The wonderful boy is finally at peace.