Call me a cynic, but it is the time of year again where Bell exploits Mental Health awareness for its own PR gains.
Thankfully the Beaverton really knocked it out of the park this year
In all seriousness though, mental health is important and we should talk about it. Let’s just try not to limit it to times when corporations need a tax break.

Technical debt is the process of avoiding work today by promising to do work tomorrow

A great opening line to a good read that caught me immediately. I especially like the focus on the Social aspect of tech debt.

So far this January has been a period of reduction
– No regular YouTube shows
– Stopped my Duo Lingo Spanish Streak
– Less unhealthy food
– No beer at home
As a result I feel like there is more space and time for me to enjoy everything else more.

It’s been a slow week here, finally having something resembling a normal routine setting in post New Years

2019 brought a new job which required more air travel than any job I’ve had.
At more than one equivalent trip around the world it might have been a bit much. 🤣