what motivates us to create? where do we find our muse?

I haven’t been creating much lately. not music, not photos, and not words on a page. I have a theory about why this is.

I am happy

the friction I need to overcome to create seems to be greater when I am happy and everything is going well in life. when I am unhappy the words seem to poor out of my soul. when I am unhappy I don’t want to let go of my camera for fear that I would miss capturing the next moment of pure beauty or emotion that I am around.

looking around the world a lot of art is created through the lens of pain. music is often sung from heartbreak. painting as an expression of deep desires of the soul. this is not something that I will take exception with. to do so would belittle the work these people do.

the question should instead be “how do I continue creating when my soul isn’t grieving”. I don’t have an answer to this. if I knew how to find a muse and continue creating when life is rainbows and sunshine I wouldn’t be writing this post. I do think that it has to be a two part question. I believe there are spiritual and practical components to it. the ability to create feels like something that should be a result of being balanced and healthy in both of those areas in your life. both spiritually and practically you should not be willing to sit on the sidelines and consume. instead you should be making a mark somehow.

so go make something.

even if you feel like you don’t need to.

“the only thing worse than the dialog is how much dialog there is.” -mjke while watching the matrix revolutions

while the loss of talbot had me quite sad the signing of steve sullivan has me quite excited for the upcoming penguins season.