I have returned!

Funny story. I was gearing up to write a number of blog entries on some deep and profound thoughts. It was going to be amazing I swear!

Then I came home from work one day and plugged in my laptop, the power cord cut out quickly and I thought “hmm, thats funny.” Then I noticed the smoke that was rising and I got more than a little concerned. The wires in my power cord had melted through the plastic casing. The end result is that I went 2 months before getting around to ordering a new power cord for my laptop.

I know that some of you at this moment are reflecting – possibly panicking – at the thought of being detached from your laptop for that long. I did have an iPhone and computer access at work but I must say it was definitely freeing to not have a computer at home. With a phone and work computer I never fell behind but I also didn’t get sucked into spending all my time on the computer.

Upon getting a new power cord I plugged my laptop in, charged it and began updating all the things that needed to be updated after two months of sleeping. The funny part was that once I had a fully functioning and up to date computer again my first thought of what I should do was to close the laptop and leave it on my desk, not touching it again that day.

It is interesting how often ’necessities’ in our lives – for functioning, for communication, etc – are not actually necessities at all. My first reflex was to suggest that I had broken an addiction except that when I started to flesh out that idea it was flawed. When breaking an addiction one tends to avoid the substance because the reintroduction of the substance causes a relapse. In the case of my computer the reintroduction of it provoked… indifference maybe? …a shift of priorities?

So now that this has turned from just a funny story to other thoughts – what things do we have/use/do in our lives that letting go of may not be a bad thing?