So I spent some more time thinking about ideas of regret today and about some of the comments that people made in response to the last blog entry I made about regret. I didn’t really come up with anything new or earth shattering but I was left thinking about the roles of conviction and regret.

Are they both sides of the same coin separated simply by tense? Seems to me that regret is an entirely reflective and thus not a terribly productive state of mind, in the same camp as worry. Whereas conviction would be a more momentary state of mind.

Past. Present. Future.

Regret. Conviction. Worry?

Seeing that it is the end of another university school year, the sixth time I have witnessed this event, thoughts and discussions have turned inevitably to employment. For me personally I have been constantly answering questions about what I want to teach, where I want to teach, or ‘Why the heck did you take this degree at all!’ That last one is my own personal favorite of the bunch. Personally I love teaching and I love the teenagers that I get to work with when teaching however I am not a super big fan of the school system. Just not the kind of place I really want to spend my life.

I personally think that loving what you do is the most important thing when it comes to a job and that money is a lesser consideration (There are people I know that will give me grief about this but I am okay with that). Having the desire to go into work and the ability to love what you are doing contribute to your mental health, your productivity at work and also your happiness outside of work. Of course I have nothing firm to back these claims up but as I like to do I will leave that up to someone else.

I came across an interesting interview about the Love/Growth/Cash Triangle on the internet that go me thinking about this. Read it here.

Last night I was uploading some videos to youtube for just the second time ever. In the process though I was reminded of the first time I used it. That is the story I will share today.

Last year the gentleman who is now my roommate lived up the street in another apartment. During the month of February he decided to take a vacation to California for two weeks and he needed someone to look after his plants while he was gone. Now these are no ordinary plants, in fact they all have names and personalities, and the pain from the loss of these plants could be related to the pain that any average person would feel at losing a child.

Of course this alignment of feelings and responsibilities lead to just one thing. You can watch that below. Unfortunately this video has disappeared from youtube. Likely due to music?

Of late I have spent a lot of time thinking about truth, honesty, lies, liars, and living in general and I have come upon a topic that I want to hear the opinions of others on.

That topic is regret.

What does it mean to regret something?

What does it mean to have no regrets?

I am left wondering if it is part of the human experience to regret in life, or that if by believing that one is living a life of no regrets are they just deluding themselves? What things do our regrets get in the way of us experiencing or doing in our lives.

Does regret stop love?

I look forward to the questions, answers, and reactions of those that take the time to let the idea of regret ruminate for them.

Now I am probably not your typical computer user, what with having a degree in computer science and all, but I think that there is a problem that we all deal with daily that most don’t even realize is a problem. Now I have somewhere in the ball park of 3 to 15 different email addresses, at any given moment sending an email to 10 of them may end up somewhere that I check and will respond. This is absolutely out of hand! Fear not though for I retain my sanity through the simple fact that my inbox is always empty. Yes Empty. About a year ago I listened to a talk given by a gentleman named Merlin Mann called Inbox Zero (Click here to listen, or watch the video below). I really suggest listening or watching, however if you are really lazy and don’t want to the gist of the talk is that if you don’t need it DELETE it, if it can be replied to in 3 sentences then use just 3 sentences, and finally learn the joy of search.
Watch (or listen) Away!