So the last time I crossed the boarder from Canada into the USA the only question that seemed to be of any importance was the question about whether our group of weary travelers were transporting the most illegal of substances…

… Apples!…

But not just any kind of apple, specifically Red or Green apples. As we didn’t have any (although an hour into Maine we remembered that there were three red apples behind the driver seat) they let us through and left us wondering just what would happen if we had possessed a collection of elusive golden delicious apples.

The point of bringing this up is mostly just to link to an awesome story of a Fruit Checkpoint and a religion founded on the principles of a fruit-bat. Click here!

So a month ago my brother and I were locked in the grips of serious discussion for several hours, without warning the conversation broke into the realm of pure absurdity. It started with a simple question about closed systems and broke into Astrology and possibilities that it could be based in something that isn’t completely absurd. I suggested we look at the law of gravitational force that exists between two objects. So in reality the fact that planets and stars are moving in relation to us means that there is a different force being applied to us from each one. Maybe there is something to this Astrology stuff!!!

Now in practice the fact that the strength of the force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the objects means that the tiny force is less than trivial in the grand scheme of things and really provides no impact on the human body. Also who says gravity affects our mood. Full moons seem to have some affect on mood so I guess there could be something to it. Given that there are probably close to an infinite number of bodies in the universe that we are having some tiny interaction with we can probably use a limit of some sort to show that there may just be some impact on our outlooks and attitudes based on the position of everything in the universe.

Some may simply dismiss this as the ranting of a mad man and I would probably encourage thinking along those lines this was in an interesting thought experiment. Also it was a dare on my brother’s part at the end of the conversation. He insisted I write it up and post it on the internet. And it only took me almost a month to do it. I hope people fully appreciate the humor of the photo that accompanies this post, it is compliments of my friend Ross (and in turn via the internet).

So here’s to more frequent and less crazy posts in the future!